Manufacture of Bare Board PCB


Our manufacturing factory is well equipped to manufacture high quality printed circuit boards. We are very flexible to meet the different requirements in manufacturing.

We do quick turn production, as fast as two business days for prototypes and small volume orders. We also do mass production with blanket orders with monthly releases. The lead times can vary between two days to one month, depending on your needs. The best prices are usually with a standard lead time of 10 business days.

Our on-time shipping rate is above 99% with 70% of the orders shipping earlier. No cutoff time for quick turn orders, we can start quick turn order 24 hours a day. The cut off time for standard lead time is 8 pm for standard lead time orders, otherwise, the order will not be considered placed until the following day.

Our Capability on Bare Board PCB


Please check PCB Glossary for reference. Please contact us if you have a special requirement not listed in the following table.

Feature Capability
Maximum Board Layers Up to 18 layers
Maximum Board size 25" x 17"
Board thickness (multilayer board) Maximum:0.13" (any layers) ;   Minimum: 0.025" (4 layer)
Board thickness (1 or 2 layer board) 0.02",  0.031",  0.039",  0.047",  0.062",  0.078",  0.094",  0.118", 0.125"
Tolerance of board thickness +/- 10%
Base materials FR-4, FR-406 (Tg 150 deg C), FR-408(Tg 170 deg C), G10, CEM3, Rogers, alumina ceramic
Copper weight and minimum trace width/space required 0.5 oz (min. trace width/space 4 mil), 1 oz (min. trace width/space 5 mil), 2 oz (min. trace width/space 7 mil), 4 oz (min. trace width/space 14 mil), 6 oz (min. trace width/space 20 mil), 8 oz (min. trace width/space 40 mil)
Minimum conductor width and space 0.003" (0.075 mm) for conductors including trace and annular ring
Minimum finished hole size 0.006" (0.15mm).  (Please see our drill sizes in stock)
Silkscreen/Legend colors white, yellow, black, pink, red
Solder Mask (LPI) Colors: Green, Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Silver, Gold
Maximum hole aspect ratio 10:1
Surface plating Tin/Lead HASL, immersion gold (soft gold), electrolytic gold (hard gold), immersion tin, immersion silver, OSP
Gold finger Electrolytic gold on nickel: Max gold thickness 1.25 mm (30 micro-inches)
Blind/buried vias Yes

*Definition for standard features for bare board PCB : Finished PCB thickness 0.062", FR4 material, 1 oz finished copper thickness, minimum conductor width/space >= 6 mil, , minimum annular ring >= 6 mil, minimum finished hole size >=12 mil.  HASL Tin-lead or HASL Lead free, green LPI soldermask,  white silkscreen. For promotion prices, minimum board size 1 inch on either width or length, maximum board size 12 inches on either width or length, maximum board area 35 square inches.

*Definition for nonstandard features for bare board PCB: Any features not listed on above definition are non-standard features