PCB Assembly from the Same Manufacturer of Bare PCB


You order from a PCB manufacturer with both bare board manufacturing and assembly fabs under the same roof. Yes, you don't need to order bare bard PCB from one supplier and rush to another supplier to have solder stencil made and rush to yet another supplier for PCB assembly. And most important, we control the quality as a single suppler instead of 3 suppliers. We provide prototype promotions and also mass quantity production from one board to thousands of boards. We offer quick turn, kit service, turnkey service, harness assembly and box build service. We also provide functional test after assembly so you can be sure all of the assembled PCB will function as you expected. For Kit assembly orders, please send 5% parts or 5 pcs extra, whichever is more, for discrete components. For active parts, please send 1% or 1 pc extra, whichever is more. Unused active parts will be returned to the customer.

Our Capability on PCB Assembly


Please check PCB Glossary for reference. Please contact us if you have a special requirement not listed in the following table.

Feature Capability
Minimum passive component size 0201
Minimum pitch size on BGA components 0.4 mm
Parts procurement Kitted or turnkey
Solder types Tin/lead reflow or lead free RoHS compliant reflow
Conformal coating Yes
Stainless solder steel stencil Frameless or framed.
Functional test after assembly Yes. Need customer to send over test firxture or test design.

*Definition for standard features for PCB assembly : Minimum passive component size 0603, Minimum BGA pitch size 1.0 mm, parts received on 2nd day after order is received, lead time is 15 business day or longer

*Definition for nonstandard features for PCB assembly : Any features not listed on above definition are non-standard features